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Monday, November 2, 2015

Girls Run the World

October 11, 2015

Today is the International Day of the Girl. Today we celebrate all the girls who have and continue to break stereotypes, who stand up and say they will not let cultural norms stop them from following their dreams, who believe that together they can make this world a better place. Today we celebrate all the women who have given the girls a positive example to follow, who lend their support, love, and passion to helping girls work toward gender equality. Everyday I witness gender inequality, suppression, and prejudice towards women and girls. And everyday I see, brave women and girls fight back. I see the determination, strength, and devotion o these people standing up for themselves and others. I would like to give all my respect, gratitude, and love to the women and girls of Ethiopia and Adaba who are working for a better and more equal tomorrow.  

A couple a months ago, I was the director of a summer camp called Camp GLOW, which stands for Girls Leading Our World. Thirty-five girls rom the Arsi and Bale Zones o southeast Oromia came and learned about self-confidence, health, goal setting, and empowerment. I made the following video from a session in camp about what the girls will do in their future. It was called “Girl rising, if you let girls learn. . .” It is for all of them who fight the good fight. 

Ethiopian Flag

Ethiopian Flag