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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The ABC's of Peace Corps Acronyms

So Peace Corps really likes acronyms. Really. I don’t know why. I guess they are shorter and quite fun to say sometimes, so that must be it. In light of this little obsession, I have made an ABCs of Peace Corps Acronyms! Now, there are way more than 26 acronyms and so after the ABCs, there are additional ones that are commonly used. By no means is this list comprehensive, I am sure, but it was all my friends and I could come up with after some long contemplation. Oh, and we could not think of any for a couple of letters, so I put in some common Amharic words that have become part of my daily vocabulary and will probably continue to be used when speaking English, Amharic, or Oromifa.

A is for AA- Assignment Areas

B is for BBB- Bottle Brick Benches (a project done with groups that used plastic water bottles filled with trash to make benches)

C is for CCC- Cross-Cultural Committee

D is for DMO- Director of Management and Operations

E is for ET- Early Termination

F is for FTC- Farmer Training Center ( places where trainings are held for rural farmers)  

G is for GRS- Grassroots Soccer

H is for HCN- Host country national

I is for IST- In-service Training

J is for (no acronyms. . .soooo) Jambo- draft beer

K is for KSA- Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes

L is for LCF- Language and Cultural Facilitator (our language teachers)

M is for MSC- Mid-service Conference

N is for NCD- Non-communicable disease

O is for ORS- Oral rehydration salts (nasty stuff)

P is for (there are so many it is hard to chose) PCMO- Peace Corps Medical Officers

Q is for QTRS- Quarterly Training Report Summary

R is for RPCV- Returned Peace Corps volunteer

S is for Suk’- shop

T is for ToT- Training of Trainers

U is for USAID- United States Agency for International Development

V is for VRC- Volunteer Resource Center

W is for WASH- Water and Sanitation Hygiene

X is for (I got nothing). . . .

Y is for YD- Youth Development

 Z is for Zare- Today

·      Admin-Sep- Administrative Separation (for those who have broken the rules)
·      BC- Behavior Change
·      CD- Country Director
·      COS- Close of Service
·      CIG- Common Interest Groups
·      CSPP- Cross-sector Program Priorities
·      COTE- Calendar of Training Events
·      CSW- Commercial Sex Workers
·      CBT-Community-based Training
·      DPT- Director of Programing and Training
·      DOS- Description of Service
·      DA- Development Agents (Agricultural workers posted at the Kebele level, kind of like county level)
·      EAP- Emergency Action Plan
·      ETB- Ethiopian Birr (the currency)
·      FTF- Feed the Future
·      FCU- Farmer Cooperative Union
·      FITU-Focus In Train Up (The new (relatively) Peace Corps approach to program design)
·      GAD- Gender and Diversity Committee
·      HEW- Health Extension Workers
·      ITN- Insecticide-treated Nets (bednets)
·      LPI- Language Proficiency Indicator
·      LO-Learning Objectives
·      M&E- Monitoring and Evaluation (I’m sure you all know that one)
·      MI- Masters International (like me!)
·      MSME- Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise
·      Med-Sep- Medical Separation
·      OHH- Office of Health and HIV
·      PCV- Peace Corps Volunteer
·      PCT- Peace Corps Trainee
·      PCVL- Peace Corps Volunteer Leader
·      PM- Program Manager
·      PA- Program Assistant
·      PSN- Peer Support Network
·      PAC- Program Action Committee
·      PST- Pre-service Training
·      PLWHA- People Living with HIV/AIDS
·      PWD-People with Disabilities
·      PACA- Participatory Analysis of Community Action
·      PDI- Post-development Indicator
·      PDM- Project Design and Management
·      PLT- Project Learning Tree (our main resource for Enviro Ed)
·      SSI- Standard Sector Indicator
·      TAP- Training Assessment Package
TDE- Training Design and Evaluation
·      VSO- Not sure what it stand for, but it is Britain’s volunteer service
·      VRF- Volunteer Reporting Form
·      WID- Women in Development

That’s All Folks!

Ethiopian Flag

Ethiopian Flag